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Editing a Page - Step by Step

Getting Started

To get into editing mode, firstly you need to log in. This can be done on any page of your site, by adding the suffix ?login to the page location. Press Enter, and then supply your username and password in the top bar. As supplied these are 'admin' and 'changeme'

How to invoke admin mode

If this is a new installation and is on the public Web, follow the instructions to set a new password. This is very important.

Once you are logged in, the top bar (Mara toolbar) should change to a dropdown menu.

From v7 on, if you are logged in and have editing rights, then pages are automatically opened in editing mode. Thus, all you need to do now is to click anywhere in the editable section of the page. The exact boundary of the editable region will depend on the design of the Theme, but normally it's the middle area.

Click anywhere here and the editing toolbar should appear, much like so:

Tip: In the live editor, hover the mouse briefly over each button for a description of what it does.

So, you can now just position the caret in the text and start typing, much as you would in a wordprocessor. The beauty of Mara's editing interface is that you see the text as it will appear on the website, directly as you type it. This makes it so much easier to plan your layout and get a good-looking result than packages where you have to edit text in a separate window.

Saving, previewing .. and undoing

At bottom left of the editing bar you'll see the Save and Preview buttons. Pressing Save should give a green confirmation like this:

If you've added media to your page this could take a while, as the files are uploaded at this point. For just saving the document though, it should be near-instant.

By they way, Mara will warn you if you try to close the browser with unsaved changes.


Preview is only occasionally needed in Mara, because for the most part our actual text entry is our preview. It's there if you need it though. You drag the corner of the preview window if you need it to be larger than the default size.  Note that Previews are ephemeral data, thus you cannot refresh the contents or use menus in this pane. A preview will close automatically if you leave it unused for more than minute or two.

The main use for Previews is where a page contains plugins or scripts. In other words, dynamic content. If we allowed the dynamic content to change whilst you were editing, that would lead to some very confusing situations!  Therefore, dynamic content is frozen in edit mode. The preview shows you what the page will look like with the dynamic content active.

By the way, if you see small red placeholders in edit mode, these are dynamic content. Don't delete them unless you are sure you want to remove that content. 

Correcting Mistakes

If you make a mistake, or just want to return to how things were, Press Control-Z. Or, use the Undo button on the toolbar. Control-Z is generally handier, though. To reinstate the change, press Control-Y.

Other buttons here are Search, Find and Replace, and Select All. Worth noting that you can hover the mouse to see a button's function.


If however you've already saved your (unwanted) changes and can't use Undo, all is not lost. Scroll back up to the top menu bar, and select Tools.. File Restore.

This will show Mara's file manager, with a list of the recent editing changes:

Here you can compare up to ten previous versions with your last save, and restore the one that best suits you. Don't worry about selecting the wrong revision, because the current edit is also saved in the history, so if necessary you can undo your rollback. 

File restore is not available to low-privelege users. 

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