Editing a Page - Step by Step

The Image Manager / Media Browser

This provides a handy means of accessing already-uploaded image files, and of adding files for upload if drag and drop doesn't suit your working environment, for example if you're working on a tablet with a small screen.

It may be that you want to reuse an image file that's already been uploaded, instead of uploading a fresh copy. In that case there are two approaches; you can use Mara's file manager to locate it, or you can use the Image Manager.

The Image Manager has three stacked panes. The top pane has two tabs. The first shows thumbnails of images already uploaded for this particular page. If none have been uploaded so far, it may of course be empty.

The top pane

By clicking the second tab you can see all of the images uploaded for this section of the website.

There is no restriction on which pages you may use any particular image in, the segregation into images for this page and others is purely an organizational one. All of the files you see listed here are in the img folder beneath the current folder level. 

Note: Although it is possible to use images from other folders, the Image Manager does not allow this. To select an out-of folder image you must use the general purpose File Manager instead. The idea here is to keep things straightforward.

To place in image in your page, either double-click the thumbnail, else or drag it onto the page.

The middle pane

This allows you to select a local file, set the smart resizing, set the alignment it will have in the page , and then place it into your page as a pending upload.  You can then close the Image Manager and adjust the image properties as you wish. Uploading will take place as with dragged and dropped images.

The lower pane

This provides you with a list of the pending uploads queued for this page, along with useful information such as the amount of bandwidth the uploads are likely to require.

Pending uploads will not be visible in the top pane since this only shows files present in the hosting space. Once a batch upload has been performed, reloading the Image Manager will show them in the top pane.

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