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Editing a Page - Step by Step

Adding pages to the Menu

So far, you've created a page that only you know about. If you were to close the browser, then as a logged-on editor you could still access it using File..Open.

However, the general Web visitor has no way of navigating to it. Actually, it's probably better to leave things like that until you have proofread your work thoroughly.

When you're ready though, you'll need to either create a link to your new page from elsewhere, or more usually, add it to your site's main menu. This is equivalent to the 'Publish' option on some CMS.

There is one exception, and that is if your site works in blog mode, or you have created a page in the blog folder of a site which has one. In that case your page will be automatically published to the blog's Table of Contents.

For all other pages, you need to add a link in the menu. Open the Menu Editor from the top bar. This will open in a new tab, so you won't lose anything you're working on.

The file which is being edited here is sitecfg/tree.mnu It uses a simple syntax of:

menu item = web link = longer description

For example:

Origins=origins.php=Why we developed this project

Each menu item must be on a new line.

The longer description is optional, and will appear in a popup if the mouse is hovered over the item.

When choosing menu text it's important to consider the style of menu in use and how much space it allows for each item. Short, is better than verbose.

If you want to create sublevels in your menu, enclose them in square brackets. [ ] There is no physical limit to the number of sublevels supported, but using more than two or thee nested levels can get confusing.

To temporarily disable a menu item, prefix it with '//' You can also use /* .... */ to disable a whole section.

There is a facility to preview the menu in the righthand pane, and clicking a link on the preview will open that page in the bottom panel. This is useful for checking your work before making it live. 

Menus are covered by the rollback mechanism (Tools> File Restore) so if you do make a mistake it's easily recovered from.

This maybe sounds a little daunting for non-programmers, but when you get the hang of it, it's much quicker and easier to add a number of links than by filling-in forms.