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Command Parameters

Mara supports a number of parameters which can be appended to the page URL, and which cause specific changes to the way in which the page is handled. These can be used in permanent links, but they are typically aimed at developers, as a quick way of testing changes without altering the default setup.

This will cause the theme for this page to be loaded from a different subdirectory in the theme collection. This change is 'sticky' and will last for the current browser session, or until another ?theme= parameter is encountered. This overrides the 'theme=' setting in siteini.php. Note that by design it cannot override any 'cms_theme' meta tag in the page head, therefore some pages may still display with a hardcoded theme setting. A value of '?theme=default' will clear the user theme selection.

Mara uses the session cookie to store settings such as the theme in use, therefore these settings will not survive closure of the browser or logging out. This arrangement was chosen so as to not fall foul of EU rules requiring (annoying) user notification of permanent cookies. However, there seem to be some legal opinions that it is OK  to set permanent cookies so long as they are not used for tracking purposes. The ability choose a theme and have that choice stay in effect, might be preferable. We'll think about this.

Similar, but only affects this instance of the current page. In other words, non sticky.

The listed page sections, separated by commas, will not be displayed.
Relies on the respective IDs being present in theme.php, eg id='cms_top'.
'all' can be used to display the page on its own without a theme, although with the theme stylesheet still applying.
This change is not sticky. See the Page Head item for how to make these changes permanent.
In responsive themes, sidebars will likely not be visible on small screens anyway, regardless of this setting.

Overrides the default cascading menu placement, which is normally side. Does not remove the sidebar, but turns the top quicklink menu into a full menu. Normally used in conjunction with &hide=left in testing pages which require full width. Only effective on pages where the principal menu is at the side.  Only effective in themes with a sidebar menu.

Presently the only option is ?style=print which presents the content only, for printing. May be expanded to allow sylesheet testing. 

Causes the page to be displayed as if in viewing mode, even if  you are in edit mode. Mainly useful when viewing a page in a separate browser tab to see how scripted content will render. No effect in view mode. Effectively similar to pressing the Preview button in the editing toolbar.

?debug=1 (or 2)
Displays various pieces of information about ajax data transfers when in admin mode. Mainly useful for system development.  No effect in view mode, or if the user is not a site admin (Privelege 5).  At the moment this doesn't cover the new media uploader, which uses a separate Ajax handler. In due course we intend to shift all of the Ajax functions to the new handler.

Brings up the translation interface if the translation plugin is loaded. Handy if you want to give a web link with translation enabled. Presently you can't state the language but we may add that capability.

Example of usage:



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