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Mara cms

our inhouse-developed website content delivery system.

Mara performs a similar core function to 'Content management systems' such as Joomla!, Drupal or Wordpress, - although it differs in many fundamental aspects from those packages. Probably the most significant difference is its being file based instead of database dependent.

As a brief outline of its design principles:

The name:

'Mara' was suggested in discussions with colleague Eileen, who had always felt that the previous choice of 'Hyperframe' did not convey the impression we wanted. It is a Scots Gaelic word meaning 'of the sea' and is often found as part of house or place names in this part of the world.  It can be a female given name, or short form of Tamara. It is also the name of a (male) Tibetan Buddhist demon of destruction.

In its role here, it is intended to be pronounced with the emphasis in the first A, as in 'Mah-ra' or 'Māra.'