Mara flatfile CMS

User Priveleges

who can do what, and where

Administrators have access to the User Manager from the Tools section of the admin bar:

Mara has five levels of user privelege. Presently these are fairly simplistic in nature, but adequate for the kinds of site envisaged. 

 5  Site Admin Unrestricted
 4 Site Manager Create files anywhere, plus everything except user management
 3 Content Editor Edit content and menus
 2 Content Author Create new files in default directory, upload images to default location
 1 Copy Typist Change or add to existing files only


There is one additional category: Demo Mode, which allows the use of almost all functions, but disables the Save commands.

To add a larger number of users than the form shows, fill the available fields then press Update, and then the Cancel button when asked if you want to close the user manager. More fields will then be added. Repeat as necessary.

On the first admin login with a fresh install, you will be asked to change the admin password, and directed to the user manager if you press OK. This is very important since the default password will be known to many other people, and hence this step should not be omitted on any public-facing server. At the same time, the site configuration will be adjusted, making the password-storage system non-identical to other Mara sites, for greater cross-site security. On this occasion you must accept the prompt to close the user manager and log in again, as your existing editing session will expire immediately with the configuration change.

Once done, the userdata  file is specific to your site and will only allow login if paired with the same site configuration file. Thus when transferring the site to other hosting, you should always transfer these two files together.

You do not need to repeat this first-use step when adding more users, and provided you do not change the current user's password you can safely cancel the re-login prompt on such updates. 

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